HyPower Moselle/Saar

Company: HDF

HDF is developing a cross border mirror project aiming at implementing 2 hydrogen-to-power plants of 10 MW each, which will be located on each side of the Franco-German border (Moselle and Saarland). These HyPower® plants will deliver on-demand renewable power from green hydrogen thanks to HDF’s Multi-MW fuel cells.

By providing carbon free-power to balance the intermittency of solar and wind, the key objective is to show that there is a viable alternative to coal-fired power generation and that hydrogen is a key solution for seasonal storage and for decarbonizing the European residual load heavily dependent on fossil fuels.

The two HyPower® plant units will be directly connected to the cross-border hydrogen pipeline operated by GRTgaz, CREOS and Encevo, in the framework of the MosaHyc project. The transport infrastructure is essential to provide the security of supply of green hydrogen to end users and the connection between European partners.

Company name HDF
Project name HyPower Moselle/Saar
Consumption of H2 by 2027 (tons/year) 1500 – 1700
Consumption of H2 by 2030 (tons/year) 15000
Investment in 2027 (M€) 49.5
CO2 (tons avoided/year) 66450