HydroHub Fenne

Company : STEAG GmbH

The HydroHub Fenne project (2 x 17.3 MWel or 664 kg H2 per hour, equivalent to approx. 5,800 t H2 per year) pursued by STEAG and Siemens Energy, which has already been selected as a “Living lab for the energy transition”, is to be the first PEM (proton exchange membrane) electrolysis plant of significant scale. The plant is to be built in Völklingen in the Saarland on the site of an existing STEAG power plant, taking a brownfield approach and making continued use of existing structures without any far-reaching changes or environmental impact. The plant will use electricity from renewable sources (“green electricity”) for electrolysis, producing green oxygen and green hydrogen. The green electricity will be partly generated by STEAG in its own plants, e.g. by STEAG New Energies and STEAG Solar Energy Solutions, or procured on the market via green power purchase agreements (“green PPAs”).

Capacity in 2026 (MWe) 34,6
Production of H2 (2030) (tons/year) 5800
Investment (M€) 74

Contact details:

Project Manager:
Philipp Brammen, phone +49 (201) 801-2435, e-mail philipp.brammen@steag.com

Daniel Mühlenfeld, phone +49 (201) 801-4262, e-mail daniel.muehlenfeld@steag.com