H2V Warndt Naborien (H2V WN)

Companies : H2V and GazelEnergie

 H2V and GazelEnergie want to set up of a large-scale renewable H2 production plant in Emile Huchet power plant in Saint-Avold, which coal-fire power generation unit will stop in 2022 by state decision, enabling a successful and first of its kind transition coal to hydrogen utility scale project. The plant which will be fed by renewable power and work by electrolysis to provide the different types of transportation (trucks, buses, trains, ports and airports…) as well as the industry in France, Germany and Luxembourg. The produced renewable hydrogen will be used at the local scale and exported by pipelines. This project will help decarbonize mobility and industry at a competitive price. The first unit of 100 MW will go online in 2026. The 4th and last unit will be installed in 2030.

Company name GazelEnergie & H2V
Project name H2V Warndt Naborien (H2V WN)
Capacity in 2026 (MWe) 100
Capacity in 2030 (MWe) 400
Production of H2 (by 2026) (tons/year) 14 000
Production of H2 (2030) (tons/year) 56 000
Investment (M€) 442
Total job creation 330