GazelEnergie, part of European energy group EPH, aims to set up a large-scale renewable hydrogen production plant on its Emile Huchet site in Saint-Avold, whose coal-fired electricity production plant is due to cease operations in 2023. To contribute to a just and sustainable energy transition, GazelEnergie has set up an ambitious project for the decarbonized reindustrialization of its site. The hydrogen sector has been identified as a lever for maintaining large-scale energy production on the site thanks to the industrial redeployment capacities (land, access to water and electrical infrastructures). The Emile Huchet site is a symbol of the local industrial heritage. It benefits from a strategic and cross-border geographical location, within the Chemesis chemical platform and from the industrial know-how of an energy company, with qualified jobs. Directly connected to the MosaHyc pipeline, the plant, which will be powered by renewable energy and will operate by electrolysis, will supply hydrogen to its industrial neighbors of the Grande Region Hydrogen. Located at crossroad of major traffic European routes, the plant will also be able to supply hydrogen for heavy mobility usages.

Company name GazelEnergie 
Project name Emil’Hy