CarlHYng is a massive renewable hydrogen production project led by the Franco-German  collaboration: Verso Energy – Siemens Energy.

Located in the town of Carling, France, this project will have a total electrolysis capacity of  300 MWe, to be reached through the implementation of 3 successive units between 2027 and 2030.

The portfolio of renewable assets developed locally and across France by Verso Energy will provide renewable electricity to the electrolysers.

The proximity of CarlHYng with the hydrogen pipeline operated by GRTgaz, CREOS and Encevo, in the framework of the MosaHyc project., will enable cross-border industries to be served with this competitive renewable hydrogen.

The project will thus contribute to the regional decarbonization and will make it possible to meet the strong energy demand of the area.

Name of the projectCarlHYng
Location of the projectCarling (57490)
Companies in charge of the projectVerso Energy in collaboration with Siemens Energy
Planned start of commissioning2027 (same date as mosaHYc commissioning date)
Production / Consumption of H2 (tons/year) by 202717 000 tons/ year (100 MWe)
Production / Consumption of H2 (tons/year) by 203052 000 tons/ year (300 MWe)
Press Contact

Antoine HUARD (Managing Direction)