Grande Region Hydrogen

an initiative that aims to develop a hydrogen ecosystem


As a European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG), the Grande Region Hydrogen (GRH) initiative aims to develop and support a hydrogen ecosystem in the Greater Region of Saarland (Germany), Lorraine (Grand-Est, France) and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It offers a forum for interlinking hydrogen projects in this region and jointly exploiting synergies. In the long term, the aim is to establish a hydrogen economy in this region.

The EEIG was founded in August 2021 by the distribution network operators Creos (Germany) and GRTgaz (France), the energy group Encevo (Luxembourg) and the hydrogen producer H2V (France). It is a non-profit organisation based in Luxembourg. Its managing directors are provided by Creos, GRTgaz and Encevo.


  • Information and knowledge

    The Grande Region Hydrogen offers its members a platform for the exchange of non-confidential information and knowledge. All members thus benefit from each other's expertise and receive a comprehensive orientation on hydrogen and hydrogen technologies. Through this dialogue, hydrogen projects can be initiated between the members, the practical implementation of which is the responsibility of the members.

  • Funding screening

    The Grande Region Hydrogen aims to identify French, German, Luxembourgish, European and other funding programmes for hydrogen projects.

  • Development committee

    The Grande Region Hydrogen sees itself as a body for developing a common understanding with regard to a functioning cross-border hydrogen economic system, associated technologies, the necessary legal and regulatory framework and the necessary infrastructure. It also wants to actively communicate these positions to the outside world.

Opportunities for participation

  • Open to all interested parties

    The initiative is open to all interested parties. Companies, universities, municipalities, associations, research institutions or political bodies could be invited to participate in the discussion and dialogue on the success of a hydrogen economy in the Greater Region as guests.

  • Hydrogen producers and consumers are welcome

    As members in the European Economic Interest Grouping, hydrogen producers and consumers in the region are welcome to actively participate in the formation of a hydrogen economy in the above mentioned region with concrete projects and who need an infrastructure for the transport of hydrogen.

  • Non-profit organisation

    As a non-profit organisation, the Grande Region Hydrogen is financed exclusively by the contributions of its members. This is used, for example, to finance events, advisory services or expert reports.


The members of the European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) of the Grande Region Hydrogen have set themselves the goal of establishing an integrated cross-border hydrogen system in the Grande Region by linking cross-sectoral projects for the decarbonisation of the industry and some segments of the mobility sectors. The focus is on the federal state of Saarland (Germany), the Grand-Est region in France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The aim is to promote a hydrogen economy along the entire value chain, taking advantage of the outstandingly suitable structural conditions of our area.

The Grande Region Hydrogen sees itself as the nucleus of a regional hydrogen-related value chain with the aim of initiating a sustainable transformation process from industry and parts of the mobility to hydrogen technologies in the border region. In the process, new technological processes as well as new business fields and models are to be discussed. The initiation of a hydrogen economy is to be made possible in the focus area, which in perspective secures economic change and growth with the perspective of value creation and jobs.

In addition to the strong regional transformation potential, the Grande Region Hydrogen is to contribute to develop and optimise the European hydrogen economy. Through the interaction of the members of the initiative, the coordinated development of the entire value chain (production, infrastructure and use) for a flourishing hydrogen economy should be made possible. The Grande Region Hydrogen addresses the first and second phase of the European Hydrogen Strategy towards a hydrogen strategy for a climate-neutral Europe.

The activities of the Grande Region Hydrogen include:

Operate a platform for the exchange of non-confidential information and knowledge and the initiation of projects to be implemented between certain members outside the Grande Region Hydrogen

Coordinate the identification of French, German, Luxemburgish, European and any other funding programs

Develop and communicate common positions in relation to a functioning cross-border economic system, technologies, a necessary legal and regulatory framework and infrastructure

Provide free expertise and orientation in relation to hydrogen technologies to its members

Location of the Grande Region Hydrogen

Grande Region Hydrogen