GazelEnergie is a French energy production and supply company, fully-owned by the European public utility group EPH, which operates installations in the electricity, gas and heat sectors in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, Hungary and Poland. EPH recorded turnover of 7 billion euros in 2018 and employs nearly 25,000 people.

GazelEnergie operates in three sectors: electricity production (with a diversified portfolio of power plants in the Grand Est and Sud regions of France including biomass, wind and solar farms with a total production capacity of 2,263 MW(e)), electricity and gas supply (20 TWh and 8 TWh respectively) and renewable electricity aggregation. GazelEnergie aims to be a pioneer in the energy transition and reindustrialisation for the territories of coal power plant, in particular through the development of green hydrogen systems. GazelEnergie wishes to develop its industrial sites to make them regional clean-energy platforms.

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