“Grande Region Hydrogen”, an initiative that aims to develop and support a hydrogen ecosystem on an unparalleled scale so far, available for all in the “Grande Region” made up of Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate in Germany, Lorraine (Grand Est) in France, and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

As it is composed of a variety of projects all connected and relying on each other, the “Grande Region Hydrogen” initiative will promote a fully integrated energy system, helping balance hydrogen production and consumption, by connecting hydrogen valleys in Europe, and fostering synergies to develop of each segment of the hydrogen market.


The members of the Grande Region Hydrogen (a European Economic Interest Grouping) have set themselves the goal of establishing an integrated cross-border energy system in the Greater Region by linking cross-sector projects to decarbonize industry and mobility sectors. The focus area is the Federal state of Saarland (Germany), the Grand-Est Region in France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The aim is to foster a hydrogen economy along the entire value chain using the outstandingly suitable structural conditions of our territory.

The purpose of the Grande Region Hydrogen is to facilitate and develop the related activities of its members linked by a hydrogen dedicated infrastructure.

The Grande Region Hydrogen sees itself as the hotbed of a regional hydrogen-related value chain with the aim of initiating a sustainable transformation process of industry and mobility towards hydrogen technologies in the border region. New technological processes as well as new business fields and models are to be discussed. The initiation of an independent hydrogen economy shall be facilitated in the focus area, which in perspective will secure economic transformation and growth with the perspective of added value and jobs.

In addition to the strong regional transformation potential, the Grande Region Hydrogen shall develop and optimize the European hydrogen economy. Due to the interaction between the members of the initiative, the coordinated building of the entire value chain (production, transport and usage) shall be facilitated by the Grande Region Hydrogen for a thriving hydrogen economy. The Grande Region Hydrogen addresses the first and second phase of the European hydrogen strategy concerning a hydrogen strategy for a climate-neutral Europe.

The activities of the Grande Region Hydrogen include:

–       operate a platform for the exchange of non-confidential information and knowledge and the initiation of projects to be implemented between certain members outside the Grande Region Hydrogen,

–       coordinate the identification of French, German, Luxemburgish, European and any other funding programs,

–       provide free expertise and orientation in relation to hydrogen technologies to its members, 

–       develop and communicate common positions in relation to a functioning cross-border economic system, technologies, a necessary legal and regulatory framework and infrastructure.

Furthermore, the Grande Region Hydrogen may carry out any activity which it considers useful for the accomplishment of its purpose within the limits of the applicable legislation and without making profits for itself.